Sunday, September 14, 2008

"September Clues"

The fuzzy You Tube versions of September Clues didn't reveal just how bad the Ghost Images looked. Falsified Images of buildings, Airframes, even Land masses with Bridges exceeding the posted speed limit.

Here is a cleaner higher definition version of "September Clues" You can now download:

It shows all 5 network sources and contrary to Mr. Lawson, gives the official network archives for Your comparison.

There is much, almost too much to see, and it isn't just about what kind of airframe image we were shown that hit that day, if any.

See for Yourself.

Rove was correct. The NeoCons do "Create their own Reality"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Hostmen

I am no longer surprised after reading ACBAG that the history of Monopolies and Energy are not relatively new. The Hostmen controlled coal for over 3 centuries.

I ask myself, what were my school teachers thinking by leaving out History so important?

Must be the Blind leading the Blind.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This Guy Has It Nailed,-Freddie,-Banks-and-Government-Debt.html

After You read how booze and keys to the Vette was given to Teens in Congress who haven't done their job in years,,,

I ask You to consider the possibility that the War has caused this: Was Financial License "Encouraged" to keep things booming so as to keep people distracted so that the Lawless Carnage might continue in the Middle East?

Even the problem causes a distraction worthy of people's attention. A Trillion dollar problem draws attention away from a multi Trillion dollar war, even if it were ended tomorrow. This has Rummy's fingerprints all over it. Or people just like him.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin: You will be missed

George Carlin R.I.P. (If that's what You Want.)

Using Humor, Wit and a varied measure of Sarcasm, Not since Will Rogers or Mark Twain has the power of Truth entered the frequently empty heads of men.

Friday, May 30, 2008

End all Subsidies to Alternative Energy

I have an Idea.

Lets truly deregulate all energy sources and stipulate that all subsidies have to go as well.

EVERY Subsidy.

That way the $15.00 a gallon price of gasoline would be right on the pump.

That's Right. The Price You pay today at the pump is only a down payment.

Corporations would no longer be able to buy Gas for $4 something a gallon and make the taxpayer pay for the balance via income taxes to guarantee world wide delivery to any port of HC products by Trans-National Oil Companies via our Army, Navy and Air Force.

Our military could be 1/10th its current size and other fuels like methane and ethanol could return to the marketplace on an equal footing.

Farmers would be more fully employed and waste land, such as empty gravel pits could use primary treated sewage to grow cattails for methane and ethanol.
Cleaning up our rivers too, since Cattails remove nitrates and phosphates that sewage treatment plants currently discharge into rivers.

But You want to know, How much fuel?

Enough to totally replace gasoline if need be on an equivalent of 1.5% of total Ag land, saving all the prime crop land for corn, soy, wheat, etc.

150 billion gallons net. Equal to what we use in piston powered vehicles. All of them. Light aircraft too.

That's 20 million acres out of 1.3 billion total acres of Ag land, or waste land like an empty gravel pit or flood plain that one can't build homes on. 6300 acres, about ten sections of land per U.S. County.

I realize this is not according to Oil man AlGore's plans to suffocate small business and individuals with a CO2 tax.

The whole fact filled concept is in "Alcohol can be a gas" by David Blume

Why the Title? Easy. In Blume's book I learned that Gasoline is an alternative energy source for the automobile. The original fuel was Ethanol.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adios LP National!

We who are or were LP members and supporters have not bothered to mind the store for decades now, at least not enough of us, allowing a team at the top to do things for us.

That team has been in place for decades, trying at times to do good, but also pulling some very unlibertarian schemes whenever they thought someone was not looking, via funding by friends of Big Oil.

It is no accident that funding of all political movements are under control of either Oil, fiat Banking, or Arms for Oil dealers or close associates of same.

It is no different than when England was an Empire and they did the Tea-Silver-Opium economy to keep things afloat so those on top could stay on top.

We must realize it is no mistake that we have no competition in Oil, Money, Drugs, and Arms dealing. All Empires and declining Dictatorships flow from these mechanisms. The System feeds them, and they repay by buying the next flock of politicians to serve them, by keeping out entrants to their Protected Industries.

The "European Game" won't last much longer.

We are about at the end of the Empire rope. There isn't much left to loot. Empire will be transferred to another emerging country that has a large, easy to fool populace, while we are drained of what resources remain.

Get ready for "Plan Ireland"

Were there any hope of rebuilding American Culture to reestablish the Liberty sentiments that made America worth living in, We would have had a National LP with Offices in the Middle of fly over country with a few volunteers forwarding inquires to city and County Party Offices. That's it. All Politics is Local. If one doesn't build a foundation and control the top from that foundation, the top will control it all. For almost a century, Bush and Harriman controlled the Republican and Democratic party machines. Libertarians were fooled into making their Party after the image of the corrupted Party.

Barr will be the first open puppet of the New and Improved Libertarian Machine openly owned by the Wall St./D.C. machine in the mold of the two wings of the Unibrow Party.

Having a national party ONLY served to control events just enough so that a Barr could destroy it in due time.

Soon enough, there will be quotes from Barr about wanting Non Christian types executed, or something equally distasteful from His not too distant past.

It will probably happen a week prior to election day. The money spent by Friends of Big Oil will have been well invested.

Hopes of a better day foiled.

The blue bloods will have protected their interests and to hell with everyone else.

Bend over and get ready for an Obama or Hillary Dictatorship that Wall St. will be proud of. They should be, They paid for the Private Law to do so.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bob Barr?

Bob Barr?

I hope this is a joke!

Mary Ruwart would have been a FAR more consistent candidate.

Barr, I can't respect as he has no tolerance for people who are not of his faith. He is on record as wanting some non Christian people executed.

I do not think the general LP membership has a clue as to what it means to be a Libertarian if the Big Oil, Watergate types in the LP managed to fool the general membership. This was not a mistake.

I guarantee Barr being elevated to the level of nominee will gather attention. The type of attention that sandbags political movements at the worst possible moment, All over TV making the LP look like knuckle dragging cretins.

15 minutes of shame that destroys 30+ years of hard work.