Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Adios LP National!

We who are or were LP members and supporters have not bothered to mind the store for decades now, at least not enough of us, allowing a team at the top to do things for us.

That team has been in place for decades, trying at times to do good, but also pulling some very unlibertarian schemes whenever they thought someone was not looking, via funding by friends of Big Oil.

It is no accident that funding of all political movements are under control of either Oil, fiat Banking, or Arms for Oil dealers or close associates of same.

It is no different than when England was an Empire and they did the Tea-Silver-Opium economy to keep things afloat so those on top could stay on top.

We must realize it is no mistake that we have no competition in Oil, Money, Drugs, and Arms dealing. All Empires and declining Dictatorships flow from these mechanisms. The System feeds them, and they repay by buying the next flock of politicians to serve them, by keeping out entrants to their Protected Industries.

The "European Game" won't last much longer.

We are about at the end of the Empire rope. There isn't much left to loot. Empire will be transferred to another emerging country that has a large, easy to fool populace, while we are drained of what resources remain.

Get ready for "Plan Ireland"

Were there any hope of rebuilding American Culture to reestablish the Liberty sentiments that made America worth living in, We would have had a National LP with Offices in the Middle of fly over country with a few volunteers forwarding inquires to city and County Party Offices. That's it. All Politics is Local. If one doesn't build a foundation and control the top from that foundation, the top will control it all. For almost a century, Bush and Harriman controlled the Republican and Democratic party machines. Libertarians were fooled into making their Party after the image of the corrupted Party.

Barr will be the first open puppet of the New and Improved Libertarian Machine openly owned by the Wall St./D.C. machine in the mold of the two wings of the Unibrow Party.

Having a national party ONLY served to control events just enough so that a Barr could destroy it in due time.

Soon enough, there will be quotes from Barr about wanting Non Christian types executed, or something equally distasteful from His not too distant past.

It will probably happen a week prior to election day. The money spent by Friends of Big Oil will have been well invested.

Hopes of a better day foiled.

The blue bloods will have protected their interests and to hell with everyone else.

Bend over and get ready for an Obama or Hillary Dictatorship that Wall St. will be proud of. They should be, They paid for the Private Law to do so.

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