Saturday, March 8, 2008

Without a Shot being Fired

People have forgotten that one definition of Anarchy means Self Government. It is anything but an absence of Government.

The American system has flaws. Patrick Henry smelled a rat for good reason. Our system was perverted nearly the day the Constitution was approved. Washington and Hamilton both owned the two largest stills in America. They planted the seeds of Our destruction by taxing the people on Whiskey produced, which eliminated competition for Washington and Hamilton both and violated the rule that taxation was to be equally apportioned across the various States.

We were promised that We were Government. We still could be Government, with the state framework being there to serve us, each of us. In such a system, You need to know that the framework of the State exists ONLY to serve You.

For that to work, You and Your neighbors need to re learn the Truth that You are Government. Like the Good book says, "Government Rests upon His shoulders"

I don't confuse The State, or The Government with Government. The first two are mechanisms or a framework that exists to serve Good Government, which is You. Government is a process, nothing more. Quit giving it more power by pretending that it is The Government or The State and then empowering it by complaining about, The Government.

Having a Jury of 12 of Your Peers insures the few bad apples out there can't eat away at You or Your Substance.

Once enough of us relearn this truth, No man or Judge will ever be able to successfully usurp Power over another ever again.

What remains to be done?

Share the Truth.

War game how such a restructured society could function, and if it presents any flaws, suggest improvement.

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