Thursday, February 7, 2008

Scientists about to destroy the Planet?

If you do one experiment and the risk of planetary destruction is .1%, do you take that chance?

What if the risk is 10% ?

25% ?

I don't know anything about this field of study. Anyone know the issues to comment on it?


Celt said...

Link is dead. Author made revisions. New link here;

Celt said...

Holy Crap! I just started reading about this thing. Now this is some strange stuff, and I would assume it's risky as hell.

I'm glad it's in Geneva!

This thing is MASSIVE! Oh ya, did I mention it was big! I mean REAL big!

Now let's be honest here folks. This thing was switched on September of 2008, but the beam was only shot partway down the ring. In January they fired the beam all the way through, but they won't start colliding the beams until September of 2009. It takes a lot of time for the beams to accelerate to the speed necessary to produce the 'mini-black hole' simulation.

Now, for the bad news. IT'S A FRIGGIN BLACK HOLE!

Now for the good news. Black holes take a tremendous amount of energy to grow and sustain. Chances are likely that if Geneva is destroyed by this thing, the mini-Black hole will diminish and disappear.