Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who is Omar Khadr?

  • In 2002, a young (13 yrs old) Omar Khadr, born in Toronto, was taken by his father to Pakistan then to Afghanistan where he sat in the company of Osama Bin Laden
  • Pre-9/11, Bin Laden and his group were aware that America was looking for an excuse to invade Afghanistan. Offers to build a pipeline across Afghanistan by Union Oil went down the tubes, the Leadership inked a deal with Bridas of Argentina to build the pipeline, who they trusted.
  • America was having a hard time finding an excuse and then 9/11...
  • The morning of 9/11, just 1 hour after the attacks, Rumsfeld was already prepared to hit 27 targets within Afghanistan. This level of planning requires a year's lead time
  • Omar Khadr's brother and father were killed and another brother paralyzed in the early bombing
  • Omar was captured, taken to Guantanamo and tortured
  • The case against Khadr was thrown out by a military judge in the US but the charges were re-laid
  • The case against Khadr: For 6 years he was purported to have thrown a hand grenade at his attackers, killing an American Sargent
  • The truth: A recent document inadvertently released proves Khadr was captured when he was found sitting on the ground peaceably facing away from his captors, facing a wall
  • Khadr's friend, sitting with him was shot through the head, killing him. Khadr was shot twice and left for dead. Neither posed a threat to their attackers
  • Being one of the few early witnesses left, the reason for re-laying charges against Khadr is to shut him up and prevent the truth from coming out about 9/11
  • Guantanamo detainees are routinely tortured until they confess to anything their captors want them to
  • Prof Scott tells us about former Guantanamo guard-cum-author, Erik Saar and an American author accused of murder, William Sampson, detained by the 'Saudis who were trained in torture techniques by the CIA'.
  • Saar's book is Inside the Wire. Samson's book is Confessions of an Innocent Man both at Amazon
  • Scott, like so many others shows that America planned and carried out the attacks on 9/11 as an excuse to attack Afghanistan
  • The Canadian government, even after knowing the truth, at this point is still not acting to repatriate Khadr, an innocent in this story
  • Prof. Scott calls Prime Minister Harper (Canada) and his Ministers as well as the opposition Ministers "The gutless wonders of the world" for doing absolutely nothing on this issue
  • Donald Scott's and William Scott's new book "AIDS: The Crime Beyond Belief" available for $45.95 + $4 p&h(paperback) or $49.95 + $4 p&h(Hardcover)
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  • The latest flavor of the month concerning 9/11: Bin Laden not involved. 6 Afghanis planned and carried it out. Another bulls**t story
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    Other info: Aids Interview with Donald Scott from 2007

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