Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Pharma isn't going to like this!

I am an EFT technician, having received training in Level One and Level Two courses offered by Mary Stafford, one of 30 EFT Masters in the world. The story below might seem like an impossible feat, but I have seen similar results. This is something so Revolutionary, so Powerful that it might scare some. Not to worry, any child can learn this in minutes. You teach a child this and the whole playground will know it in twenty minutes. What is it?

Mind-Emotion-Body re-integration. Tapping instead of acupuncture. Your voice spoken in affirmation to render stress, trauma, illness no where to live. It can even help victims of Sexual Abuse. Trauma like PTSD is but a faint memory.

When this really catches on, look for Big Pharma stocks to take a dip.

I look forward to seeing the day when the medical industry is half as large as it is now. That extra 8 or 9 percent of GDP belongs in our pockets. Be nice to own an ultralight airplane. So Mote it be.

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