Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Corn a Scapegoat? Who built the Altar?

EROEI? Energy Return on Energy Invested

Corn has a conservative return of between 30 and 70 percent more energy than is put into it. Some of the people pushing the old "Corn is negative EROI" myth were on the payroll of Mobil 3 decades ago, some are hacks working for the American Petroleum Institute. The API is hardly a place where competition is encouraged. One man, quoted time and again did the trick. Professor David Pimentel of Cornell.

Even though corn is one of the less productive crops used to make Ethanol, that is why hacks used it. There are varieties of Fodder beets that can make 3 to 4 times more Ethanol per acre than Corn, and return distillation residue to feed livestock as well.

How many know that Prohibition was shoved through a hard drinking CONgress with a huge bribe paid to the Woman's Christian Temperance League by none other than that b*st*rd price fixer, John D. Rockefeller.

JDR who wanted to sell a waste product called Gasoline that he could not sell for much into something that he could make a swell profit on if only he could destroy the demon rum, and every still on every farm in the country.

Henry Ford sold the first flex fuel vehicles for good reason: There were more stills than gas stations, until Prohibition and the first bumper crop of Criminal elements could also Bless America as a by product of Legislation.

Remember: If there are no alternatives to petroleum, we must sacrifice some of our children on the Altar of The Incorporated Military Industrial Educational Medical Financial Complex* via War in the places where Oil must be acquired (stolen)

If we buy that Lie, then Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld should be Leaders for Life, and lets get on with debating how wonderful the Seahawks played last year.

Otherwise, Let's open our eyes for the first time in a long time and read "Alcohol can be a Gas" by David Blume.

There is one plan David mentions that could replace all our transport fuel needs without taking any prime Farmland used for vegetables, corn, soy etc.

Ten Sections per County

All one needs is 1.5% of the worst land around. Empty gravel pits, certain mine tailing piles, flood plains too close to the river to build homes on, etc. aprox. 6300 acres in each US county devoted to feeding primary treated sewage to Cattails. Cattails are very high in Carbohydrates, which can be made today into Ethanol without any new technology. 2500 gallons per acre from starch, and 3x that in methane from cellulose and the primary treated sewage we currently dump into the river.

The net yield could be higher than 50 billion gallons of Ethanol fuel and 100 billion gallons of CNG equivalent (methane) almost exactly what US domestic and commercial transportation needs are.

All this would cost far less than 2 years of the war on some terrorists and we would have true Energy Independence. The money would stay here too, enriching small enterprises that would grow up to support the industry.

We would also absorb the nitrates and phosphates in sewage and clean up a lot of rivers and delta areas where rivers empty into dead zone areas of ocean due to that pollution.

The water coming out the far end would be fit to drink as a freebie.

But that is not all: Each ton of residue from distillation has animal feed value for livestock or fishery use.

So much for the myth that some people will starve if we make fuel off the land.

The question is what kind of land, and what crop grows best for fuel?

We have been lead to ask the wrong questions!

Don't have enough land?
Even Japan could be energy indy by farming kelp and fermenting and distilling Ethanol from fermented kelp.

Brazil powers half of their auto transport on Ethanol and they contribute electricity to their power grid on 1% of their land.

Could it be the High Price of Corn, Oil and Food are reflections on how worthless the Federal Reserve Note has become? Why would that be?

Could a one trillion dollar and growing War on Some Terrorists have something to do with it?

Guess who is holding the Goat with knife in hand?

( * You will note I am not against any function that mankind partakes in, provided the function does not conspire with The State to make itself "competition proof" Despite the fact that Ike warned the American people, people choose to sleep, and now we have a bigger octopus to deal with. More players, more Arrogance )

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