Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sobering Notion Number Two

The Iraq War has cost the U.S. a minimum of Thousands Dead, many times that wounded, and 500 Billion Dollars. Quite a few say the numbers are twice that.

Ethanol plants for 50% Ethanol fuel for every vehicle in the U.S. would cost a one time capital outlay of well under 70 Billion dollars for Distillation equipment.

(Many autos can burn a 50/50 Ethanol - Gasoline blend)

There are many ways to make Ethanol without using any corn acreage at all, negating the need to worry about food shortages.

Google "Ten Sections per County" then pass it on to your friends.

The entire planet could switch to Ethanol for vehicle fuel for a one time 500 Billion dollar distillation equipment outlay. -David Blume Author of "Alcohol can be a Gas" Other one time expenses are distribution upgrades and a vehicle conversion costing a few hundred dollars per vehicle for Cold Starting if one burns E-100

For new autos like Brazil drives, the payback for using E-100 is at minimum a 22% increase in mileage over Gasoline when the engine is designed for it, since the thermal efficiency is up to 46% on E-100, while Gasoline engines are at best 20% thermal efficient.

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